Top 7 Creative Shed Ideas: From Fishing Cabins to Hotdog Stands

December 16, 2019

When you take pride in your home and your yard, you inevitably start taking pride in your shed.

Long gone are the days that sheds are simply functional outdoor storage spaces. Creative shed ideas have ushered in a whole new way for homeowners to express themselves and enhance their landscape.

These creative shed ideas range from whimsically beautiful fairy sheds to sleek, modern structures. While some are meant to stand out and above the rest of the field, others are designed to blend in, neatly giving you a place to store your tools and other outdoor gear.

In general, when a person thinks of creative shed ideas — they’re still thinking about sheds.

Of course, the same structures that function as she-sheds or storage spaces can also be converted into something entirely new: serving an altogether different purpose.

Here’s what we mean:

#1: Floating Fishing Cabin

Creative Shed ideas - floating fishing cabin

For people who miss all the joy of ice fishing in a cabin during the winter, one of the most creative ways to keep your rod in the water and the sun off of your head come summer is by turning a shed into a floating fishing cabin.

That’s right. A portable shed can also become a floatable shed. By securing the right flotation devices to the bottom of the shed — and tweaking the design to allow for the best fishing opportunities — you can keep fishing in the middle of your lake or pond all year.

Such a floating fishing cabin can keep the rain off your head and give you some of the luxuries of being indoors while still thoroughly enjoying the great outdoors.

#2: Hunting Blind Or Children’s Playhouse

 creative shed ideas - hunting blind or children's play house

Life is often about perspective. And, the view offered from this converted portable shed is undoubtedly unique. With a stilted base, the shed manages to rise above the rest — literally and as a creative shed idea.

It can be the treehouse your children always dreamed of having when you don’t happen to have a tree. As such, it offers a safe, comfortable place for them to play and for their imaginations to run wild.

Or, such a design — especially with the wraparound windows — can offer a classy hunting blind. Situated near the edge of nearby fields or woods, such a structure provides plenty of room for friends to come together and stay cozy during an on-property hunting trip.

#3: Modern Lean-to Style Shed

Creative Shed ideas - modern lean-to style shed

Tucked into the woods or up against your fence, this modern lean-to style shed is both functional and beautiful. Unlike many creative shed ideas, this one isn’t trying to do too much.

It was built with the modern understanding that clean lines and functionality are in themselves beautiful — no need for too many design flourishes.

The addition of a ramp makes it even easy to access your lawnmower and any other heavy equipment on wheels.

#4: Snack Shack Stand

Creative Shed ideas - snack shack

Ready to open your snack operation for business, but still don’t have a stand? Well, here’s a creative idea for a shed conversion. As it turns out, it’s pretty straightforward turning a portable shed into a portable snack shack.

Really, all you need is a couple of sliding windows and somewhere to put people’s food and beverages — just don’t start preparing food in the snack shack without your local government signing off on it!

The best part about this snack shack isn’t that it’s adorable (which it is), but that you can move it when necessary.

#5: Dino’s Dogs Stand

Of course, if the snack shack ends up being a big hit, you might have to upgrade to something like Dino’s Dogs Stand, which specializes in brats and more.

Looking at the eatery, it’s hard to imagine that it’s just a really, really creative shed idea.

However, that’s the truth. Someone had a dream and realized that a front porch on a large shed structure was going to be the ticket to get there.

It’s creative solutions like Dino’s Dogs Stand that empower people to become entrepreneurs on their own terms without being forced to go wildly into debt. The low-cost, customized solution seamlessly integrates an ordering window and a pickup window for patrons, as well as plenty of space inside to prepare brats — and more.

#6: Turtle Shed With Separate Ramp and Door

Creative Shed ideas - turtle shed

Well, it’s undoubtedly true that more Americans have pet dogs than have pet turtles. But a unique problem requires a creative shed idea!

By working hand-in-hand with people who care about your shed needs, it seems possible to roll out a shed solution for almost any problem.

While this nearly conventional shed was built with plenty of room for tools, it also made room for the household’s pet turtle, including an access ramp that let their big friend escape from the weather when necessary.

#7: Discrete Lean-to Shed

Creative Shed ideas - discreet lean-to shed

Not every homeowner wants people stopping by their shed for a bratwurst or have a turtle climbing into it or, really, people even to notice it.

There is something to be said for keeping storage areas discrete.

This narrow, lean-to style shed was created to be unobtrusive and practical. By keeping it small, the homeowner was able to slip it into the landscaping without causing a big splash. The custom paint job was done to perfectly match the house, keeping the already low-profile shed even more secure.

Top 7 Creative Shed Ideas: From Fishing Cabins to Hotdog Stands

When it comes to thinking about creative shed ideas, all you have to do is think outside of the box — getting creative about what the box can be.

Portable shed structures, which have for far too long been overlooked for their merits outside of storing tools, are the foundations for small, but beautiful dreams. They can be turned into family museums, workshops, or even floating fishing cabins.

All that said, there’s also nothing wrong with a shed merely being a beautiful, sleek structure that keeps your lawnmower and other tools safe from the rain and snow.

Have a creative shed idea? Contact the folks at Countryside Barns to see how your idea can become a reality!

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