She Shed Interiors: Decorating Ideas to Get Excited About

November 18, 2019

Move over, man caves! She sheds are a trend that’s here to stay. These backyard sheds have become fun hideaways where women can escape the daily grind.

If you’re new to the concept, she sheds are essentially the female equivalent of a man cave, save for a key difference. A man cave is usually an area inside the home, while a she shed is a standalone structure separate from (usually outside of) the house.

She sheds may only be located a few steps from home, but when done right, they can make you feel like you’re miles away.

There are no rules for she sheds — they’re basically a space that women can call their own to escape, rest, and pursue their hobbies. With she sheds, the sky’s the limit: some ladies have turned their she sheds into cozy book nooks, spaces to hold gatherings with friends, and even yoga studios!

To the design newbie, it may be overwhelming to close in on ideas of how to decorate she shed interiors because the possibilities are endless! At the same time, there are so many things to think about that might help get you in the right mind frame: floor layouts, door sizes, paint colors and combinations, and even furnishings!

With all these big ideas in mind, here are some tips for decorating she shed interiors:

Determine the Purpose of your She Shed

Choosing a central purpose or theme for your shed will definitely help determine its layout, look, and functionality.

Will you be using it as a book nook or a cozy cottage? Will you be entertaining friends or will it be your own sacred space? Knowing what its potential function will be can also help you make decisions regarding what kind of shed you’ll be building if you don’t already have an existing one you can refurbish.

There are essentially four ways to craft your she shed: refurbishing an existing shed, building a new one from scratch, assembling a DIY kit, or ordering a prefabricated shed.

Refurbished, DIY or Prefabricated She Shed?

If you have an existing shed that you can refurbish, then a bulk of your work is already done. If you don’t have a preexisting structure, you can opt to build one from scratch, build from a DIY kit, or order a prefabricated shed.

If you have carpentry skills, building a shed from scratch is fairly straightforward. Of all the options, this is the cheapest one that allows for the most design flexibility and customization. Of course, it’s also the most labor-intensive. You may opt to hire help but that will certainly bring up the project price.

Purchasing a DIY shed kit is a great option for those who aren’t skilled in building and carpentry.

DIY shed kits are easy to come by in hardware stores and tend to include everything from the design plan, materials, and instructions.

All you have to do is assemble the pre-cut pieces. Just remember that most kits don’t come with all the materials you’ll need.

The last option is to order a prefabricated shed, which is delivered to your doorstep fully assembled. If you want to skip the building part and move straight to the decorating part, this is the best option for you.

One of the downsides most people associate with purchasing prefabricated sheds is that they do not leave you with much room for customization, but this is a gross misconception. For instance, Countryside Barns doesn’t just deliver prefabricated sheds — we offer numerous customization options via our Shed Designer tool.

She Shed Interiors: Determine Which Items to Include

After you’ve decided what your shed is going to be used for and how big you want it to be, the next step is to plan around what items you’d want to put in. Remember, sheds have limited space so you don’t want to crowd it with too many items.

she shed interiors

Making your She Shed Space Inviting

After getting the important basic details out of the way, it’s time to focus on making it feel comfortable and inviting. Start from the entryway, which you can decorate using light curtains, wreaths, string lights, or hanging lanterns.

she shed interiors

Within the space itself, create nooks for specific purposes.

If you’re big on entertaining, have comfortable seating with lots of pillows, a rug that people can sit on if you don’t have a couch (or for if the couch runs out of space), and a corner for food and entertainment. If you want your she shed to be your private nook, you can design it to have several comfortable spaces — one for your hobbies, another one where you can relax and take a nap.

she shed interiors

Decorative items don’t even have to be expensive. Scour flea markets for unique trinkets and rare finds.

Surround Yourself with Nature

Aside from adding aesthetic value, having plants is scientifically proven to boost your mood, reduce stress, and improve air quality. They are also a low-cost way to spruce up and liven your space. Such plants can be kept outdoors, indoors, or both.

If you’re the type who can’t keep plants alive, you can always opt for realistic fakes or incorporate plants in your decor. Natural-feeling she shed interiors can be comprised of printed throw pillow covers, framed photos of plants, or even plant-printed plates.

she shed interiors

Add Quirky Accents

Another solid option for decorating she shed interiors is repurposing items you already have laying around. They may find another life in your she shed, like this ladder.

she shed interiors

Play with the Layout of your Existing She Shed

If you already have a she shed and you’re getting bored with the setup, why not move things around to shake it up? Redecorating doesn’t have to be expensive to make the space feel new.

Final Thoughts: She Shed Interiors: Decorating Ideas to Get Excited About

She sheds are becoming increasingly popular with women who need their own personal space without straying too far away from home. But having a she shed isn’t just an escape — it can also be a reflection of your style.

Looking for help in turning your she shed dreams into a reality? Get in touch with the experts at Countryside Barns!

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