Outdoor & Backyard Gazebos

Enjoy your time outside more than ever before in a new outdoor or backyard gazebo! These structures are a wonderful place to sit and relax. On a hot summer day, escape to the coolness of a gentle breeze in the shade of your Amish Gazebo. Possibilities are endless—poolside cabanas, backyard picnicking… really anything you can dream of! Please explore all our different kinds of gazebos for sale!

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Gazebos FAQ

How do people use gazebos?

Gazebos are used for dining or relaxation. Whether it is to entertain guests or hold your hot tub, the gazebo will make a lovely addition to your backyard.

Can you rent to own a gazebo?

Yes! When it comes to financing a gazebo, it needs to have a floor system. The rent to own option has no credit check which is great for those with low credit.

What materials are gazebos built with?

Gazebos can be built with different materials, but Countryside Barns only offers wood or vinyl because they last the longest. Wood gazebos are the most popular, while vinyl gazebos require the lease maintenance of all our gazebos of sale. 

Can a gazebo have screens?

Yes – gazebos can have screens!

Is an open or enclosed gazebo better?

Whether to get an open or enclosed gazebo depends on what you intend to use it for. Open gazebos are great for lounging areas and outdoor cooking and dining areas. Enclosed gazebos are perfect for keeping insects out of your outdoor enjoyment space.

Do I need a permit for a gazebo?

Because a gazebo doesn’t have walls, it probably won’t be considered a building. However, it is best to check with your local permits to be sure.

How does a gazebo get built in my yard?

The gazebo will either be brought in fully assembled or assembled in your backyard. If it’s built in your yard, it would be brought in by sections and built in one day.

Why should I choose Countryside Barns for my Gazebo?

At Countryside Barns, we strive to build the highest quality gazebo for our customers at an affordable price. Quality, speed, and no hassle is the most common reason people have us build the Gazebos.

Explore the options for customizing your backyard gazebo, such as adding benches, screens and floor upgrades, in the configurator below.


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