Storage Barns

Our outdoor Storage Barns are built with a classic barn-style roof but have lower sidewalls than the lofted buildings as they do not have any overhead loft areas. These prefab storage sheds are a functional and economical storage solution for all your yard and garden tools. You will also notice that our Storage Barns are designed without windows so that no part of the structure will be damaged if a rake or shovel falls over.

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Sizes, Pricing, and Siding Options

Standard Features


T-handle with lock and key
4"x6" skids (8' wide building)
4"x6" skids (10', 12', 14' wide building)
Double top plates on all walls
Aluminum drip edge

Manufacturer Warranties

LP SmartSide®
5/50 year limited warranty
LP ProStruct® flooring
1/10 year limited warranty
Architectural shingles
Limited lifetime warranty with 130 MPH wind resistance limited warranty
Metal walls/roofing
Limited lifetime warranty
Urethane finish
10 year no-fade limited warranty
Sherwin-Williams® paint
Limited lifetime warranty
Vinyl siding
Limited lifetime warranty

Storage Barn FAQ

How do people use portable Storage Barns?

Storage Barns are perfect for small items that need a home. Items from rakes to shovels to even bicycles would fit perfectly with the short sidewalls.

Can you rent-to-own a portable Storage Barn?

With no credit check, the rent-to-own financing option is great for financing a Storage Barn for those with low credit.

Why do Storage Barns have double doors?

The Storage Barn comes with the double doors as that allows for easy access into the barn.

Why are there no windows in your Storage Barns?

The Storage Barn doesn’t come with a window to keep it budget friendly and the wall space is limited because of the short height. This way, no part of the structure will be damaged if a rake or shovel falls over.

Why do Storage Barns have gambrel roofs?

Storage Barns have the gambrel roof to add extra head height for entry and storage.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a Storage Barn?

When you take into consideration the time and hassle of building a Storage Barn, although the cost is cheap, it is better bang for your buck to buy. Besides, when you purchase one of our portable Storage Barns, you are getting a high-quality item with no hassle and little time spent.

Why should I choose Countryside Barns for my Storage Barn purchase?

At Countryside Barns, we strive to build the highest quality Storage Barn for our customers at an affordable price. We handle the whole process – from ordering to manufacturing to delivery and installation.