Prefab Garage

Whether you need a single car garage or a garage for your truck, motorcycle, boat or ATV, the prefab Garage from Countryside Barns is the perfect solution! These prefab garages can store tons of gear, landscaping equipment, snow blowers, snowmobiles, boats, and could even be turned into an organized workshop. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with one of these prefab garages, especially when you customize one to meet your needs.

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Sizes, Pricing, and Siding Options

Standard Features


Sidewall height
8 ft.
Overall building height for 12 ft. wide
11 ft. 3 in.
Overall building height for 14 ft. wide
11 ft. 8 in.
Garage door opening height
7 ft.
Garage door opening width
9 ft.


Non-insulated 2'x3' windows
3' exterior 9-lite door with lock and key
4"x6" skids
Interlocking double top plates on all walls
Aluminum drip edge

Manufacturer Warranties

LP SmartSide®
5/50 year limited warranty
LP ProStruct® flooring
1/10 year limited warranty
Architectural shingles
Limited lifetime warranty with 130 MPH wind resistance limited warranty
Metal walls/roofing
Limited lifetime warranty
Urethane finish
10 year no-fade limited warranty
Sherwin-Williams® paint
Limited lifetime warranty
Vinyl siding
Limited lifetime warranty

Garage FAQ

What are portable garages used for?

Most portable garages are used to store a collector car or heavy piece of equipment like a lawnmower or tractor.

Can you rent to own a portable garage?

Are you concerned about financing your portable garage because of low credit? With the rent to own financing option, you can finance a portable garage with no credit check.

Do HOAs allow portable garages?

Homeowners associations usually allow portable garages, but there will likely be several requirements that you will need to comply with. Contact Countryside Barns today to work thru those items that may be required.

How close can a prefab garage be to a house?

Because of the way we deliver with our Mule system, we can place a prefab garage as close as 1 inch from your house. There may be regulations with your HOA or local building inspector when you place a structure this close to your house, so be sure to check into that!

Is it cheaper to buy or build a portable garage?

When you purchase a high-quality-built portable garage, you are saving yourself time and hassle, while still getting top-notch quality. Although you may pay more to buy the garage, you won’t have to find the time to build it or worry about whether the quality of the garage is sufficient.

How do you move a portable garage?

The movable garage allows for easy and fast moves. The Mule, a special forklift machine that minimizes the impact on your lawn is the best way to move a prefab garage.

Why should I choose Countryside Barns for my prefab garage?

When you purchase your prefab garage from Countryside Barns, you are purchasing from a company that oversees the whole process, from ordering to manufacturing to delivery and installation. We strive to build the highest quality garage for our customers at an affordable price.