Side Porch Cabin

Our Side Porch Cabin is the perfect relaxing weekend getaway for your entire family! It can also be used as a backyard rec room or game room, making a wonderful place for kids/teens to hang out. This log cabin shed with a side porch is unique to Countryside Barns in that the porch and porch roof are hinged to allow for transport. The porch, which runs the full length of the cabin, is a perfect place to sit and relax in your rocking chairs or gliders!  

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Sizes, Pricing, and Siding Options

Standard Features


3' exterior 9-lite door with lock and key
4"x6" skids (8' wide building)
4"x6" skids (10', 12', 14' wide building)
Interlocking double top plates on all walls
Aluminum drip edge

Manufacturer Warranties

LP SmartSide®
5/50 year limited warranty
LP ProStruct® flooring
1/10 year limited warranty
Architectural shingles
Limited lifetime warranty with 130 MPH wind resistance limited warranty
Metal walls/roofing
Limited lifetime warranty
Urethane finish
10 year no-fade limited warranty
Sherwin-Williams® paint
Limited lifetime warranty
Vinyl siding
Limited lifetime warranty

Side Porch Cabin FAQ

How do people use the Side Porch Cabin?

The Side Porch Cabin is most commonly used for a weekend get-away, tiny home, office, or hunting cabin.

Can you rent to own a Side Porch Cabin?

When purchasing the Side Porch Cabin, you can choose to finance most sizes through rent to own. This will allow you to finance your cabin with no credit check. Otherwise, for the larger sizes with a higher dollar value you would need to use Light Stream financing. The cap for rent to own is $15,000 and the cap for Light Stream financing is $100,000.

Is the Side Porch Cabin finished inside?

The Side Porch Cabin comes standard just as open studs (framing only), but could certainly be finished out however you would like.

How many people can a side porch cabin shed sleep?

The number of people the Side Porch Cabin can sleep depends on the size and how you design the cabin. In general, it will sleep anywhere from 4 to 12 people.

What is the width of the porch on a Side Porch Cabin?

The Side Porch Cabin comes with a 6’ wide porch.

How long will a Side Porch Cabin shed last?

A Side Porch Cabin will last for at least 50 years, because we use top of the line products. From the siding to the windows to the roofing, we strive to use and build the highest quality product. If you take good care of it and maintain it properly it will last your lifetime no problem!

Do you need a permit to put a Side Porch Cabin on your land?

Since the Side Porch Cabin is portable, a permit may not be required. However, it is best to check with your city or zoning, as each place is different. If you finish the interior with plumbing, electrical, etc it is very likely that you will need a permit.

Why should I choose Countryside Barns for my Side Porch Cabin?

At Countryside Barns, we strive to build the highest quality Side Porch Cabin for our customers. When you choose Countryside Barns, you are choosing a high-quality product for an affordable price.