Lofted Garage

The Lofted Garage is the perfect addition for anyone needing an extra parking spot and storage space too! With the lofts in the front and back, there is much added space to store seasonal items, boxes and totes, or old keepsakes! So many options with this style of building!

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Sizes, Pricing, and Siding Options

Standard Features


Non-insulated 2'x3' windows
3' exterior 9-lite door with lock and key
4"x6" skids
Loft areas
Double top plates on all walls
Aluminum drip edge

Manufacturer Warranties

LP SmartSide®
5/50 year limited warranty
LP ProStruct® flooring
1/10 year limited warranty
Architectural shingles
Limited lifetime warranty with 130 MPH wind resistance limited warranty
Metal walls/roofing
Limited lifetime warranty
Urethane finish
10 year no-fade limited warranty
Sherwin-Williams® paint
Limited lifetime warranty
Vinyl siding
Limited lifetime warranty

Lofted Garage FAQ

How many cars can you fit in a lofted garage?

A lofted garage is perfect for at least one car and if you go larger than 32 ft. long you can fit 2 cars – it totally depends on the length.

What makes a lofted garage shed unique?

The lofted garage shed is unique because it allows you to store a car or truck below and still have storage space above for other items.

What is a lofted garage used for?

A Lofted Garage is used for collector cars, trucks, ATV’s, golf carts, lawn mowers, and much more! The options are endless!

Can you rent to own a lofted garage?

You can still have your lofted garage at low monthly payment amount when you choose the rent to own financing option – especially when you compare to renting a storage unit.

Can you have an electronic garage door in a lofted garage?

Although it isn’t standard, an electronic garage door is definitely an option in the lofted garage if you have a way of running electric or clear view of the sky for a solar panel.

How far above the floor are the lofts in a lofted garage?

The lofts sit on top of the sidewalls, which are 6’ 8 ½” in the lofted garage.

Why should I choose Countryside Barns for my portable garage?

At Countryside Barns, we strive to build the highest quality garage for our customers at an affordable price. We handle the entire process – from ordering to manufacturing to delivery and installation.