Vinyl Outdoor Playsets & Swing Sets

Do you want to create fun and lasting memories for your children? Our outdoor playsets and swing sets will fill your childrens’ future memories with nostalgia. In keeping with our commitment to craftsmanship using high-quality materials, we only offer playsets that stand up to the test of time and the harsh winters in the Midwest. 

Stainless steel hardware and maintenance free vinyl ensure these playsets last throughout the entirety of your kids’ childhood and beyond. Not to mention, there are thousands of fun ways to customize the perfect playset for your kids. We deliver playsets across Illinois and many parts of the Midwest, so learn more about the benefits of vinyl playsets and customize your very own below. 

Benefits of vinyl playsets

  • Maintenance Free Vinyl Lumber with 20 year warranty
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Solid Poly Lumber with 20 year warranty
  • 5 year warranty on canopies, slides, metal components, swings, and accessories
  • Heavy Duty Powder-Coated Stainless Steel Corner Brackets
  • Flat Step Skid Resistant Ladders
  • Galvanized Powder-Coated Monkey Bar Rungs
  • Stainless Steel Swing Hangers
  • Vinyl End Caps to Eliminate Sharp Edges
  • Ground Anchors for Stability
  • Preserved Wood Encased in Vinyl is 5 times stronger in tensile strength
  • Heavy Duty Double Wall Slides available
  • Outdoor playsets are made of 100% recyclable materials
  • Safety Handrails
  • Legendary Quality and Design features
Step 1
Empty plastic milk jugs
Step 2
Ground to beads
Step 3
Extruded into lumber with UV sun protection
Step 4
Extruded plastic in different dimensions and colors

Why Vinyl?
Because It’s Final!

Swing Kingdom’s vinyl and decking products are the best and most uniform material available in the industry. Their vinyl is co-extruded under extreme pressure to assure a durable and beautiful finish for years to come.

The wooden structural elements of your home are covered to preserve them and to reduce maintenance. The same philosophy is used for Swing Kingdom’s vinyl play systems.

If your playset does become dirty, you can easily revitalize its appearance with a simple garden hose, some glass cleaner and a soft bristled brush to wash away dirt and debris.

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