Our Story

Where Quality Matters

Countryside Barns is a family owned and operated business that serves the Midwest region from our headquarters in Illinois. Since 2009, we’ve been cementing our reputation as the regional leader when it comes to portable and customizable shed design. Our family of shed builders is committed to delivering the best service and best products to our customers. By consistently being “as good as our word,” we have been able to maintain the trust of our customers while expanding our business to include more products and an ever-widening service area.


Our pledge to you

We endeavor to always be kind and fair and to treat every customer with integrity.

Our purpose

at Countryside Barns is to be a reflection of the hand of God with high quality and utmost integrity in all of our work. We strive to be a light of Christ by being humble, fair and honest in our interactions each day. Being a good steward of His resources is part of our purpose.

The vision

we have at Countryside Barns is to help all that come to us by being the most trusted portable building manufacturer in the market. We are striving to accomplish this by always looking for ways to improve our quality and efficiency with new, green, efficient building materials so we can have the most well-constructed, well designed structures available.

Countryside Barns’ mission

is to treat everyone with respect, helping customers make the best choice for their individual needs, and always treating others with fairness and honesty. By treating others the way we wish to be treated and “being as good as our word”, our goal is to exceed the expectations of every customer.

We believe

that God has called us to serve. It is our sincere desire to do this each day with joy and gratitude in our hearts.

Our goal: A better customer experience

At Countryside Barns, we remain refreshingly old-fashioned when it comes to our values: honesty, integrity, and trust. Whether you live down the road from us or across the state, we will provide you with a superior level of customer care and treat you just as we would hope to be treated. Our receptionists, customer service, sales, designers, shed builders, and delivery personnel bring experience to every interaction. More than that, our business is one big family of caring, hardworking professionals who enjoy great satisfaction in surpassing our customers’ expectations.

Why we are different

When you choose Countryside Barns for your custom portable shed, you can count on us to oversee the entire process, which includes design, delivery, manufacturing, and installation. We are devoted to providing quality checks every step of the way. Our level of outstanding craftsmanship is unsurpassed because we build every shed just as we would build it for ourselves. We wouldn’t dream of cutting corners. We wouldn’t know how to leave our customers with an inferior product.

Our Team

Phil Braker

Phil was born and raised in southwestern Missouri on his family’s farm and helping in his dad’s construction business. After relocating to Illinois, Phil worked many years managing the operations and maintenance departments for a large trucking company. He built his first portable building in 1998 and continues to enjoy the challenge by striving to manufacture the highest quality portable buildings on the market. Phil has been married for over 20 years and has been blessed with eight children. A family man, he thoroughly enjoys working with several of his children and many wonderful co-laborers. “At Countryside Barns, we have been blessed with quality employees and feel like one big family. I love to eat, so employee lunches are also a favorite of mine.” Most important to Phil is his Faith in God and then his church and family. He loves to serve people and witnessing the joy in a happy, elated customer. Honesty, integrity and strong work ethic are core values in the way he wants to do business. It is important to him to try to pass these values on to his children. Phil also enjoys spending time as a family, camping, family vacations, volunteering at his children’s private school and being a purple martin landlord.

Lyndon Christner

Lyndon joined Countryside Barns shortly after its inception. He works in the shop framing buildings and also helps with roofing and painting. Lyndon, a lifelong Illinois resident, has spent his career doing what he loves – working with wood. He enjoys working for Countryside Barns because it allows him to share his skills and work with other team members who feel the same importance of quality and efficiency. When it comes to employee birthday celebrations and lunches, count Lyndon in! They are some of his favorite days! Important to Lyndon is his love for God and his thankfulness for God’s love and plan of salvation.  His favorite Countryside Barns product is the side porch cabin. Lyndon also enjoys singing, astronomy, and flying remote control airplanes.

Daniel Braker

Daniel spends a majority of his time in the office making sure we are fully stocked with all the necessary materials to build each individual shed. He has also been able to spend time delivering buildings locally which helps out tremendously! He still oversees the rental equipment division of Countryside Barns. Daniel is the oldest of 6 boys, and has always had a younger brother tagging along trying to learn from him. He finds a lot of enjoyment in spending time with his church friends, family, taking vacations, canoeing, playing the piano, and singing. His favorite building from Countryside Barns is hands down the Lofted Side Porch Cabin.

Wayne Getz

We stay well stocked with quality trusses and doors that Wayne spends his time building. He can also be found installing the flooring in the fully finished cabins. Eureka, IL, has always been home to Wayne and he has a work background in flooring installation, construction and concrete. When he’s not working, Wayne enjoys spending time outdoors with flowers, trees and birds as well as being active in his church and time with his family. Wayne loves the great work environment at Countryside Barns and loves to make customers happy.

Chris Christner

Chris is a well rounded Countryside Barns employee with experience in all parts of the building and delivering process. Currently, he spends a lot of his time in the truck and delivering many portable buildings to their new homes. Chris has spent much of his life doing construction and woodworking. He enjoys meeting new people and loves working with the Countryside Barns team. He is passionate about living for Jesus, and also finds family, friends and his job to be very important to him. Chris enjoys flying remote control airplanes and horseback riding as well as eating steak, chicken, eggs and vegetables. The beautiful side porch cabins rate as his favorite product too.

Ernie Christner

Ernie is our head delivery professional with experience in delivering thousands of portable sheds and cabins. He helps with much of the mechanic work and customizing of our own equipment. Born in Peoria, IL, Ernie got this start in construction when working for his dad. Ernie values his relationship with the Lord because his faith, family and friends are essential aspects of his life. It is his desire that his life could reflect the love and mercy the God has shown to him. Ernie enjoys beekeeping and gardening and also eating mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, roast beef and peaches. He is grateful for the amazing people he works with. Ernie especially enjoyed working on Ron’s chicken coops and loves to see finished out cabins.

Levon Hostetler

Marc Helmuth

Jake Braker

Jake was born in Peoria and has had one employer thus far: Countryside Barns. He loves working here because he works with family and a “great team of co-workers.” Jake’s favorite project has been working on a custom finished-out falcon shed, and his favorite Countryside Barns products are lofted side porch cabins and hunting blinds.

Church, family, and friends are key components of Jake’s life. He enjoys hunting, singing, traveling, and woodworking. He has also been known to enjoy a big steak or some good Mexican food.

Dwight Kupferschmid

Dwight was born a preemie baby in Peoria but grew in strength to become a wrestler and football player. He’s worked with family in the past, and now loves working at Countryside Barns because of the positive environment and the fact that he enjoys doing carpentry work. His favorite project so far has been a birdhouse with pipe windows and a feeder. His favorite product is a 14′ by 52′ lofted wrap-around porch with log siding. Having a strong work ethic is very important to him.

In his spare time, Dwight plays on a football team and enjoys spending time with family and friends. Additionally, he works on small wood projects, rebuilds houses, performs demolition, and does interior finish out to houses.


Kevin Maddox

Hailing from Colorado Springs, Kevin spent his childhood enjoying the mountains and doing all of the hiking and camping that he could. He grew up strongly influenced by his exposure to agriculture and has been around semi-trucks since he was walking.

Before joining Countryside Barns, Kevin was in agriculture, drove a semi, worked in brick/concrete construction, HVAC, performed dock/marina maintenance, and was an ironworker.

When not working, Kevin enjoys hiking, fishing, and reading. He loves reading historical books and learning about different cultures and the industrial past of our country and other countries. It’s most important to him that he has a good work/home life balance, which allows him to spend quality time with his wife and three children.

At Countryside Barns, Kevin enjoys all projects involving lofted cabins and greenhouses. He would love to own a cabin or greenhouse one day, and one of his personal goals is to build a greenhouse. He finds everyone at Countryside Barns a pleasure to work with and is proud of the business being faith-based and committed to serving everyone they come in contact with.

Eugene Krizan

Born in Detroit, Eugene spent the majority of his childhood in Canada. Before coming to Countryside Barns, Gene proved himself to be a master of many trades, including building forklifts, operating a press at a stamping plant, mixing chemicals, working as a plastic welder, and rebuilding wrecked semis.


Personally, Eugene married his Hungarian-born wife in 1988 and they’re the proud parents of five children. He loves to take an occasional fishing trip when he’s not at home grilling or barbecuing.


The things most important to Eugene are his family, his church, and his siblings. He is committed to serving God and to doing the right thing at all times, as well as teaching his children the difference between right and wrong. He’s a man of conviction.


Eugene loves the work environment at Countryside Barns and the lack of stress or tension. He enjoys the fact that he gets to do a variety of jobs and there’s not a single project that he hasn’t enjoyed working on.

Jesse Krizan

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Jesse has lived in the Midwest for most of his life. He enjoys the variety of seasons and the friendliness of Midwest residents.

Before joining Countryside Barns, Jesse worked in hog farming, automobile bodywork, and was employed by a large modular home builder for several years.

Jesse enjoys the single life, and when he’s not enjoying his work at Countryside Barns you’ll find him keeping busy with horticulture.

Jesse loves working at Countryside Barns and is a valued member of the team.

Jessica Rocke

Born in Peoria, Illinois, Jessica moved to several different cities as a child but has happily called the Eureka area home for over 15 years. Her professional background before coming to Countryside Barns was in childcare, cleaning services, and working at a bulk food store.

Jessica’s faith, family, and friends are the most important things in her life. In addition to her passion for family time, she enjoys traveling with friends and re-decorating. She loves Italian cuisine, enjoying most any type of pasta, as well as her favorite: sweet-pizza. Mac n’ Cheese and various soups are also dishes she enjoys.

Jessica loves coming to work every day at Countryside Barns, and any project that makes a customer happy is her favorite.

Brian Krizan

A native of The Great White North, Brian was born in Windsor, Ontario. He’s had a nice variety of work experiences, including time spent as a dairy herdsman. Brian is a skilled carpenter who loves working at Countryside Barns. He particularly enjoys the framing part of building sheds, and his favorite product is the live-in cabins.

In his off-hours, when he’s not reading, Brian enjoys a variety of cuisines, including Mexican, Thai, and Hungarian.

Countryside Barns will deliver personalized service and high-quality workmanship to every job. We invite you to get to know our team of experienced designers and builders. We look forward to helping you design your portable shed, cabin, garage, chicken coop, or other portable structure. Contact us to get started.