How can I place an order?

  • Phone: (800) 467-4614
  • Email: sales@countrysidebarns.com
  • Chat with us online
  • Add a product to your cart and order online

Do I need a building permit?

Zoning codes vary by location. It is up to you to contact your town or city hall and find out if your local zoning board requires you to obtain a permit.

Do you charge for delivery?

Free delivery is available for deliveries within 150 miles of Eureka, Illinois, where Countryside Barns, Inc. is located. For more information on delivery see our delivery page.

How will my purchase be delivered?

Your order will be delivered via tractor-trailer to its new home. Watch the process on our delivery page.

Will Countryside Barns, Inc. install my new building for me?

We use special equipment to unload your portable structure and install it exactly where you want it, if accessible. To see examples of the installation process see our delivery page.

Where are your portable buildings built?

Our portable barns, garages, sheds, chicken coops, cabins and other products are made in central Illinois. We are a small local business located in the small Midwestern town of Eureka, IL.

Do you use contractors?

No. Our products are built, delivered and installed by our own employees for consistent quality control.

Will I need to pay property taxes on my new building?

In most areas, no property taxes are due on our products because they are built on skids, making them portable buildings. We suggest the customer contact their local zoning office to verify how your area handles this.

I don’t need a barn or other large building; just some outdoor storage for household items. What are my options?

We offer garden and utility sheds, portable garages, small barns and other portable building options. Custom placement of windows and doors means you can alter a structure to suit your needs. Contact us to get more information on customizing a shed or see our Shed Designer to customize your building in 3D!

How long will it take to receive my built-to-order portable cabin, shed or other product?

Our lead time can vary throughout the year depending on our current work-load. In general, our build time in the winter is much quicker than the build time in the spring or summer. For a fully finished interior cabin the lead time will be longer than a normal shed or “shell only” cabin. Contact us today to get a current estimate.

Do you have buildings already built that are available for immediate delivery?

We standardly have a large stock of inventory buildings that are ready to be purchased and delivered at any time! Check out our inventory page to find what we have in stock.

Do you use high-quality lumber to build your portable storage buildings?

We use premium quality prime-grade lumber in all our buildings. This is a higher-grade than what is used by many big-box stores and home construction. We strive to provide you with the best quality at the lowest price possible so that you won’t pay more than you have to for quality materials.

Will I have to wait for corporate approval for an answer to a question or request?

No. We are a local family business with the authority to make all our own decisions.

Do I need to make any special preparations before delivery?

Make sure the site is accessible for our delivery equipment. The ground must also be level for the doors on your portable building to work properly. We can assist with leveling the building up to three inches. See site preparation for more info.

What payment options are available?

We require a down payment of 25% of your purchase price in order to build your structure. The remaining balance is due upon delivery of your building. For orders purchased through our shopping cart online, the full amount will be required at checkout. We also offer rent-to-own & installment loan options.

What makes Countryside Barns different from other portable building brands?

We are committed to delivering the best service and best products to our customers. Some of the key differences between Countryside Barns and other portable building brands are:

  • Top quality materials & caring craftsmanship
  • The best customer service
  • We control the entire process from ordering to delivery

Learn more about what sets Countryside Barns apart on the Our Story page. To hear directly from our customers, see our review page!

Do you offer custom built portable sheds?

We are committed to providing you with just the right building for your needs. We will be glad to help you design the building that fits your dreams! Use our Shed Designer to customize our standard styles or contact us today to get more information and pricing on a custom shed.

Does Countryside Barns have a product warranty?

At Countryside Barns we stand behind our products. Most of the building components that we use come with a warranty from the manufacturer. If your building is damaged during delivery or installation we will take care of getting it fixed. You will find that we stand behind what we sell by reading our review page.


What type of siding should I choose?


LP SmartSide with Urethane Finish
LP SmartSide is an engineered product made to resist termites, delamination, warping, and more. The LP SmartSide is backed by a 50-year prorated, limited warranty on substrate. The Urethane finish has a 10-year no-fade warranty from the manufacturer.

LP SmartSide with Urethane Finish Siding



LP SmartSide with Paint Finish
LP SmartSide is an engineered product made to resist termites, delamination, warping, and more. The LP SmartSide is backed by a 50-year prorated, limited warranty on substrate. Superior Sherwin Williams paint with a limited lifetime warranty. With painted building, you get to choose the color of the walls and the trim. Choose between our 15 standard colors, ANY Sherwin Williams paint color, or send us a sample of siding to do a direct color match for no extra charge!

LP SmartSide with Paint Finish Siding



We use CertainTeed vinyl siding which is a high quality, virtually maintenance-free siding and is covered by a lifetime limited warranty. Choose from our 7 standard colors or contact us for more color options!

Vinyl Siding

Our metal siding comes with a limited lifetime paint warranty! We have 14 standard colors, but you can contact us for more color options!

Metal Siding

How close to your neighbors property can you put a shed?

The most common is 5 feet. It varies so much depending on where you live, so it’s best to check with your HOA, zoning, or city before making a purchase.

Does a shed increase property tax?

Most times it does not. It depends on where you live, but usually it can as it is seen as a home improvement. However, it is best to check with your city or zoning to be sure as size may affect that.

Does a shed increase home value?

Unless the shed has a foundation, it doesn’t usually add value to the home.

Can I put a toilet in my shed?

Yes, a toilet is certainly an option in a shed. You can either run water and drainage to the shed, or use a waterless composting toilet.

Can I put electricity in my shed?

Yes, electricity in a shed can be of great benefit and it is relatively easy to put in. A basic electrical package is super low cost as well!

Can I put a shed right next to my house?

Most times this is possible. The HOA or your municipality office likely will have guidelines and rules about the placement of a shed in the yard as each place is different.

How should sheds be positioned?

Your shed should be positioned in a convenient location to make use of the items in the shed easily accessible. Also, be sure that it is positioned in a well drained area so you don’t run into moisture problems down the road.

Where should you put a shed?

Your shed should be placed in the yard in a location that will make its use convenient while also away from tree branches for easy maintenance.

Will homeowners insurance cover shed damage?

Yes, most all homeowners insurance policies cover all out-buildings. Once you reach your deductible, you should have repairs paid for!