All sheds come with a floor built into the structure. The standard floors are constructed with 4″x6″ skids notched 1″ with 2″x4″ or 2″x6″ floor joists 16″ on center. We use the 5/8″ tongue & groove LP ProStruct flooring (see information below). We also provide an option for 5/8″ treated plywood if the customer prefers. The heavy duty floor (which is standard on garages) have floor joists 12″ on center with 3/4″ flooring.  We have one of the strongest floors in the industry and our floors should never rot out!



Framing consists of 2″x4″ studs every 16″ on center.  Buildings with treated T1-11 siding have studs every 24″ on center.  We also place a double stud every 4′ where the siding splices. Cabins, vinyl siding option, urethane SmartSide and painted SmartSide option all have studs every 16″ on center. All walls are built with double top plates!



All lofted buildings have two loft areas; one on each end of the building with an open access area between the two lofts.  Lofts are built with 2″x4″ or 2″x6″ loft joists and sheathed on top to make a nice loft floor.


Each building has 24″ on center trusses made of 2×4″ material. The trusses are pressed together with truss plates and a hydraulic press. On the top of the trusses the roof is strengthened up with OSB. All buildings are topped off with a 40 year 29 gauge metal roofing or manufacturer lifetime warranty architectural shingles with a 130 mph wind rating.


Most sheds come standard with the double 3′ doors which have 70″ clearance on the width and 71″ on height.

Expertly Crafted Both Inside and Out

Our portable buildings are made with Amish-Mennonite craftsmanship that will withstand the harsh Midwestern weather and serve your storage needs for years to come.