Wood & Vinyl Pergolas

Welcome to outdoor living! The wood and vinyl pergolas for sale at Countryside Barns aren't just for those seeking shade; they are also for those desiring character and style. Whether your patio demands the elegance of a bold stately structure or your garden needs a charming centerpiece, a vinyl or wood pergola is the answer you've been searching for. We offer pergola financing and deliver across Illinois and much of the Midwest. Please explore the wide selection of wood and vinyl pergolas for sale below!

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Pricing for Standard Sizes

Stained Traditional Style
8' x 8'
8' x 12'
10' x 10'
10' x 16'
12' x 12'
12' x 16'
12' x 24'
14' x 14'
14' x 24'
16' x 16'
16' x 24'
16' x 32'

Pergolas FAQ

How are pergolas used?

Wood and vinyl pergolas can be used for a shaded walkway or sitting area, cooking or dining area, or even as a trellis for vines or climbing plants.

What’s the difference between a pergola and a pavilion?

The difference between a pavilion and a pergola is that the pavilion’s roof is completely closed whereas the pergola’s roof has open slats/boards.

Does a pergola need to be anchored or have a foundation?

A concrete foundation under each post is required because pergolas don’t have a floor base.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a pergola?

When it comes to buying or building a pergola, it is usually cheaper to build it yourself. However, when you take into consideration the time and hassle of building it, versus being able to buy a professionally built wood or vinyl pergola, it is worth paying a little extra for something that will withstand the test of time. You can also ask us about our wood and vinyl pergola kit pricing and our current inventory of pergolas for sale.

How much shade does a pergola offer?

Most pergolas don’t offer a lot of shade unless an EZ-Shade canopy and/or curtain is used.

Where should a pergola be placed?

Wood and vinyl pergolas are usually placed over a path, courtyard, patio, or paved area.

Are wood or vinyl pergolas better?

When trying to decide whether to choose a vinyl or wood pergola, it depends on what is important to you. Vinyl requires far less maintenance, whereas wood has a more appealing aesthetic and can feel more inviting.

Do you need a permit for a pergola?

Because a pergola is an open structure that does not alter your home’s structure, a pergola generally does not require a building permit.

Explore the options for customizing your Pergola, such as adding an electrical package, finishes/colors, in the configurator below.


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