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Do you have a big flock? Or do you dream about having a large flock one day? Either way, if you have a lot of chickens, you want to make sure that they have the space they need to live a quality life. And, that means you need a sizable coop. Our XL Chicken Coop Kit is purposefully designed to comfortably house up to 20 chickens. Right at home in both warm and cold climates, this sturdy coop is made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship that ensure it will withstand any inclement weather and the test of time. Keep reading to learn more about our XL Chicken Coop Kit.

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0-5 miles
5-10 miles
10-20 miles
20-30 miles
30-40 miles
40 miles & beyond
$300 + $4 per mile past 40 miles

Standard Features


Height (ft/in.)
72 1/2"


Screened windows that open and close
Resin treated flooring and siding
Vents on each gable end
Roof Desinged to make water run off the back
Chicken door with treated wood ramp
Nesting boxes
Number of chickens

XL Chicken Coop Product Page FAQ

Should I buy or build a XL Chicken Coop Kit?

When it comes to buying or building a chicken coop, the best answer depends on several different factors. For those who know the construction, and have the time and tools, it may be better to build. But for those who aren’t so handy, have busy schedules, and need it soon, there are many coops already made to choose from. If you are thinking about building an XL coop you also need to consider that it’s one of the harder coops to build on your own because of all the details. Save yourself time by picking an XL Chicken Coop Kit.

How much do XL Chicken Coop Kits cost?

XL Chicken Coop Kit costs $2899 (delivery is not included in this price).

How hard is it to assemble an XL Chicken Coop Kit?

Assembling an XL Chicken Coop Kit can take some time, but it isn’t overly challenging. If you are reasonably good at DIY projects you should have the kit assembled in less than 1 hour.

How many chickens can fit in an XL Chicken Coop Kit?

XL Chicken Coop Kit can house up to 20 chickens.

How many eggs a week can 20 chickens produce?

20 chickens can produce between 60-100 eggs per week.

How much room do I need in my yard for an XL Chicken Coop Kit?

To put the Large Chicken Coop Kit in your yard, you will need a minimum space of around 8ft. X 6ft.

How big of a chicken run do I need for 20 chickens?

When looking for a chicken coop for 20 chickens, you would need to purchase an XL Chicken Coop Kit.

How big of a chicken run do I need for 20 chickens?

When looking into purchasing a run for 20 chickens, it is best to go with too much space than not enough. The recommended amount is 8-10 square feet per chicken, or, between 160-200 square feet.