Medium Chicken Coop Product Page

Need flexibility out of your Chicken Coop? This Medium Chicken Coop Kit for up to ten chickens is the solution you’ve been looking for. Built by Amish-trained craftspeople right here in the USA, this high-quality chicken coop kit is not only easy to assemble, but it’s also incredibly durable and capable of standing up to bad weather. The traditional look and feel of it also make it easy on the eyes and a wonderful complement to any home. Keep reading to learn more about this medium chicken coop for up to ten chickens.

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0-5 miles
5-10 miles
10-20 miles
20-30 miles
30-40 miles
40 miles & beyond
$300 + $4 per mile past 40 miles

Standard Features


Height (ft/in.)
62 1/2"
52 1/2"
50 1/2"


Screened windows that open and close
Resin treated flooring and siding
Vents on each gable end
Roof Desinged to make water run off the back
Chicken door with treated wood ramp
Nesting boxes
Number of chickens

Medium Chicken Coop Product Page FAQ

Should I buy or build a medium size chicken coop?

When it comes to buying or building a medium chicken coop, things to take into consideration would be the amount of time, materials, tools, and budget you have. In the end, it’s about what is best for you and your chickens!

How much do Medium Chicken Coop Kits cost?

A medium chicken coop kit costs $1,399; the price for an assembled chicken coop would be $1,499 (delivery not included in this price).

How hard is it to assemble a Medium Chicken Coop Kit?

When it comes to assembling a medium chicken coop kit, it is relatively easy if you are somewhat knowledgeable about construction. If you are an experienced DIY person it will take less than 1 hour.

How many chickens can fit in a Medium Chicken Coop Kit?

A medium chicken coop can house up to 10 chickens.

How many eggs a week can 10 chickens produce?

Ten chickens can produce between 40-60 eggs per week.

How much room do I need in my yard for a Medium Chicken Coop Kit?

You will need a minimum space of around 4.25’x4.5’ to put the medium chicken coop in your yard.

How big of a chicken coop do I need for 10 chickens?

A medium chicken coop (50.25” L x 52.5” W x 62.25” H) can house up to 10 chickens.

How big of a chicken run do I need for 10 chickens?

You will need a minimum of 8-10 square feet of space per chicken, so 80-100 square feet would be the smallest amount of space you could have.