Backyard Grill Pavilion & Shelter Ideas

March 7, 2022

With spring and summer quickly approaching, you may be thinking about making some enhancements to your backyard, like adding a backyard grill pavilion. After another long winter, thoughts of enjoying their yard with family and friends on pleasant summer evenings inspire many people each year to consider their options with adding a backyard structure or shelter, like a gazebo, pergola, or pavilion.

The pavilion is one of the most requested structures our customers have for us every year. Some of our pavilion customers previously built a barbecue area in their yard, only to dismantle it after it started looking shoddy after a few years. They want to continue to barbecue regularly at home, but they want something more permanent, which is why they choose a grill pavilion.

Our customers can’t wait for the arrival of spring to venture outdoors and enjoy their grill pavilion. Here are seven reasons why:

1. They fill out your backyard.

If you think your yard is too bland or looks empty, a pavilion can be the missing piece of the puzzle. Pavilions are typically larger structures that can bring the whole backyard together. They blend nicely with a garden – you can place hanging pots around the structure or let vines grow on the pavilion’s posts.

At night, pavilions can add a surreal aesthetic to your backyard. Small chandeliers or fairy lights can be installed for mood lighting, and solar-powered lights can be used instead of electric.

2. They’re low-maintenance structures.

Pavilions require little maintenance, leaving you more time to enjoy grilling and socializing with friends. Depending on the climate, they typically only need to be maintained a couple of times per year.

The key to having a low-maintenance grill pavilion is picking the right materials for it, like cedar or vinyl. The team at Countryside Barns will help you select the best material for your pavilion.

3. They can function as an extra outdoor room.

Not only are pavilions perfect for grilling, they also make wonderful outdoor spaces to work remotely or enjoy your hobbies. Many families gather together for game nights under their pavilion, and on lazy summer days, it’s a great place to kick back while you do some binge-watching of your favorite streaming series.


4. They’re a perfect place to de-stress.

An outdoor pavilion is perfect when you need some quiet time to unwind or clear your mind. If you can’t keep a garden, a pavilion is a great place to sit and think in silence. Taking some quiet time in the morning, a mid-day catnap, or grabbing a beverage after work in your pavilion will work wonders for your peace of mind.

5. They’re durable.

Like pergolas, pavilions can last for years. They withstand all types of weather. Whether it be the freezing cold, hot summer days, rain, or wind – your pavilion will stand the test of time. They’re the ideal place to age in place and create lasting memories.

Vinyl Grande Estate by Country Lane Gazebos

6. They’re wonderful for hosting social events.

Larger pavilions provide plenty of shade, room for seating, and lots of fresh air. You can enjoy entertaining guests, and poolside pavilions can serve as the food area or bar. Of course, the size of your backyard grill pavilion will depend on the size of the yard.

A grill pavilion doesn’t have to be large. It can be just large enough to provide a place to grill in the shade or be a bit bigger to also have a seating area to enjoy the mouthwatering meals you’ve cooked up.

7. They increase your property value.

Realtors will confirm that pavilions serve many functions and increase property values, and homeowners will tell you their pavilion is one of the most attractive and prized features of their home. Midwesterners love spending time in their backyards, and the site of a pavilion to a potential homebuyer is a real advantage in a competitive real estate market.

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