What is the Purpose of a Pergola & How is it Used?

September 8, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of a pergola is? Yes, they provide shade, but they do so much more, which we’ll examine in this blog post. Before we explore the five primary purposes of a pergola, let’s first look at its origins and construction.

Pergolas have centuries of history behind them. With Italian essence ingrained into these most distinct structures, they boast of a timeline that dates back to medieval times. These open-air structures are secured by four posts or columns and are topped with lattices or cross-beams. Pergolas are commonly made of wood, aluminum, or vinyl, and they’re most often installed on pavers or a concrete patio, allowing for outdoor furniture and grilling equipment to be placed underneath. They frequently become a central hangout spot for those that love spending spring, summer, and fall outdoors.


10x14 Arcadian White Vinyl Pergola for sale - Standard Features

The 5 Purposes of a Pergola

1.) Pergolas create versatile shade. Pergolas don’t provide full shade, but depending upon the time of day, full shade isn’t always needed or wanted. Overall, pergolas provide relief from the harsh, direct rays of the sun while still allowing sunlight to fill the space. But, if the summer sun gets to be a bit too much, you can always add a retractable canopy, plants, or bamboo, just to name a few.

2. Pergolas beautify your backyard. The elegant structure of a pergola displays undeniable beauty. They add a stylish touch to any patio, pool, or backyard area. Pergolas are very versatile with how they can be adorned, whether it be hanging plants or growing roses, honeysuckle, grapes, or wisteria through the beams. Adding dusk lighting can provide a romantic feel by draping lights through the crossbeams or around the posts.

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3. Pergolas offer a pleasant, hospitable outdoor spot. The purpose of a pergola can range from the perfect spot for an outdoor wedding to a weekend BBQ with family and friends. They make a great central location to eat, play games, or just sit and visit. They’re designed for inclusion, but privacy can still be enjoyed by adding drapes, latticework, or screens.

4. Pergolas add lasting value to your home. Experts say that the landscaping of your home can potentially raise the value by as much as 15%. People love outdoor living more than ever, and prospective buyers can see themselves sitting under the pergola with a cool drink on a sunny afternoon. Pergolas add character to your home and are a great way to complete a backyard’s landscape.

5. Pergolas offer affordable beauty. Pergolas are generally a less expensive option than a gazebo or pavilion and can be designed according to your budget. Whether they’re simple or ornate, any pergola can make the difference between an ordinary backyard and one that is a true gathering place. Inexpensive, small decorations such as shades and plants can make your pergola very inviting.

Pergolas by Countryside Barns

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