Poolside Pavilion Ideas

August 11, 2022

There is nothing that makes a backyard pool more complete than a poolside pavilion, which can quickly become the highlight of your backyard. It can turn an already stunning in-ground pool into the crown jewel of your backyard oasis.

Using Your Pool Pavilion

Here are three great ideas for getting the most out of your pavilion:

Use it as a shade and seating area

Your poolside pavilion is the perfect solution when anyone wants to take a break from swimming and get out of the sun. Having a pavilion means they don’t have to go back inside and abandon a gorgeous day.

Your pavilion will provide you with total protection from the sun and give everyone room to sit and catch their breath. It’s the perfect place to dry off and take a break while still being able to watch the kids in the pool.

poolside pavilion bar

Make it a poolside grill

Your poolside pavilion can provide the feeling of a luxury resort, right in your backyard. You can incorporate a seating area, set your grill up, and have a mini-kitchen conveniently located next to your pool.

There will be no need to keep running inside for food and beverages, everything will be by the pool; under cover to keep you protected from the hot sun or a summer shower.

pool house pavilion

Have a pool house pavilion

The ultimate poolside pavilion is a pool house. In addition to providing shade and luxury, a pool house pavilion also provides privacy. The closed-off room which is part of the pavilion provides an ultra-convenient changing room right next to the pool. No more running inside with wet bathing suits!

This pavilion also will be the perfect clubhouse to enjoy some shade or sit out a spell of bad weather. It’s the ultimate multi-purpose pavilion.

Countryside Barns Has the Perfect Pavilion for You

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