Different Types of Backyard Structures

July 13, 2023

Different Types of Backyard Structures

With Spring having arrived and Summer just around the corner, the time to enjoy your backyard is finally here, and you can start right now by picking one from among the three primary types of backyard structures. There is no better time of year to add a touch of class and elegance to your backyard with a new gazebo, pavilion, or pergola.

Don’t feel alone if you’re a bit fuzzy on the difference between the three types of backyard structures. We get asked about that all of the time, so we’re going to give you a brief description of the three and then talk about their benefits.

The “Big 3” Backyard Structures

We’re happy you’re considering a new outdoor structure, and we’re here to help you understand the three primary types: pavilions, gazebos, and pergolas. Let’s look briefly at each.

backyard pavilion



A pavilion is a large, standalone structure with a solid roof and open sides. They’re typically square or rectangular in shape, constructed of wood, and are a great gathering spot for entertaining a small or large group of friends at home in your backyard. Unlike pergolas, pavilions provide complete overhead shelter and can accommodate larger groups of people.

backyard gazebo


A gazebo is a freestanding, open-sided structure typically found in gardens and residential landscapes. They feature a roof supported by pillars or columns and often have a circular or octagonal shape. Gazebos are commonly used as outdoor gathering spaces, providing shade and shelter while allowing a panoramic view of the surroundings.

backyard pergola


A pergola is an outdoor structure consisting of vertical pillars or posts supporting a series of horizontal crossbeams. They feature an open-roof design and can be attached to a home or stand independently within a garden or patio. They are often constructed of wood and can be adorned with climbing plants or vines. Pergolas are primarily designed to provide partial shade, define an outdoor space, and create an aesthetic focal point.

Each of these backyard structures has its own unique design, purpose, and functionality, catering to different outdoor needs and preferences. A Countryside Barns consultant can help you decide which will best suit your family’s unique needs and desires.

Why Add a Pavilion, Gazebo, or Pergola to Your Backyard?

Having an eye-catching backyard structure can offer several benefits and add a touch of elegance to your surroundings. Here are some of the main reasons they make a great addition:

Perfect outdoor gathering space: whether you’re hosting a family barbecue, enjoying a beverage with friends, or having a cozy outdoor dinner, they offer a place where you can entertain guests or spend quality time with loved ones.

Aesthetically pleasing: they can each enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor area. With their unique architectural design, they can become an eye-catching focal point in your backyard or garden.

Versatility: each can be customized to suit your needs. You can furnish them with outdoor seating, tables, and decorative elements to create a cozy gathering spot.

Increased property value: a well-designed and well-maintained gazebo, pavilion, or pergola can add value to your property. They enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, making it more attractive to potential buyers if you decide to sell your home in the future.

Let Countryside Barns Help

At Countryside Barns, we’re experts at helping families like yours pick out the best backyard structure available in the Midwest. Call us today at (800) 467-4614, and let us help make your home and backyard a place you’ll build lasting memories as you enjoy your gazebo, pavilion, or pergola.

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