How to Turn a Shed into a Playhouse

April 19, 2021

Have you ever thought of fun weekend playtimes with your kids? Do you want them to put away their gadgets for a while and do something new? If your answer is yes, we have one thing in mind – a playhouse in the backyard.

If you have a prefab studio shed that once had been a storage area for your garden tools, your office, or a log cabin, you can freely liven it up and transform it into a playhouse. If you do not have a shed, don’t worry, Countryside Barns is here for you to help build the playhouse you have been thinking of. At Countryside Barns, we offer a wide variety of pre-built affordable backyard studios and custom shed designs.

wooden utility shed

Utility Shed

The use of prefabricated buildings is gaining popularity these days since they are very versatile and convenient. Now, let’s make the most out of them. Let us have a walk-through of the steps on how to turn a shed into a playhouse.

1. Make a plan.

Ask your children what activities they like to engage in, so that you would know what furniture, materials, and accessories to put. Are they into making arts and crafts? Then, having tables and chairs are necessary. Of course, they would need paper, glue, paints, and brushes. You have to make a storage space for that, as well as for toys if they wish to just play around. For toddlers, you might want to have a place for reading time wherein you would need to install bookshelves to hold the must-have books that will help boost their cognitive development.

2. Consider the size and layout of the shed based on your plan.

Check whether space is enough to install the furniture and accessories you have identified according to your children’s activities. Prioritize the safety of your kids. Ensure that the place is not too crowded to prevent children from injuries such as bruises and cuts because of being stuck in narrow spaces or banging on furniture.
Strategically locate your furniture and other equipment. The overhead cabinets or shelves storing books, toys, and arts and crafts supplies should be within the children’s reach. Maximize the use of shed windows since they provide natural lighting. You could place the tables near the window where children can make their art projects.

3. Damp-proof and insulate the shed.

To avoid any structural damages, the shed should be protected from moisture and temperature changes. Installing a damp-proof membrane and insulation will preserve the toys and books in good condition as well. Dehumidifiers can also be used to reduce dampness around the area.
For maximum protection, it is recommended to insulate walls, ceiling, and floor. Glass and mineral wool are the best insulators for walls as they also provide soundproofing which is important if your children will practice with their musical instruments in the playhouse. Sheep’s wool or hemp is perfect for ceiling insulation since they are easy to set up, breathable, and prevents moisture accumulation. For the floor, the best option is the use of foam insulation boards.

4. Install utilities such as electricity and water.

The lighting of the playhouse would require electricity if natural lighting is not sufficient. If you prefer not to install electricity lines, battery-operated lights can be used. On the other hand, kids might need access to water for cleaning their art materials and toys. Installation of gutter from the roof to a water drum is a great idea to have a water source in the playhouse since this could also drain rainwater from the roof and protect the structure from damp.

5. Install storage.

You might use multi-purpose furniture. Some types of furniture function as storage bins and seats. Doing so would help you maximize the space of the shed. Other storage solutions you might consider are the use of shelves, hanging baskets, and stackable boxes.

6. Decorate the shed.

Decorating the shed is most fun when the children are involved. Ask them what colors of paints they prefer for the interior and exterior of the shed. Give them the liberty to include any designs they want.
Making a playhouse out of a shed is the start of having great bonding moments with your children. Involving your kids in the planning and design phase also boosts their creativity. Follow these steps and create more unforgettable memories with the whole family.
At Countryside Barns, as a family-owned business, we’re happy to guide you as you build a playhouse for your kids. Contact us today and let’s talk about making your shed a fun-filled place.

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