Finding the Perfect Outdoor Pool Shed

March 5, 2021

With summer just around the corner, you may be thinking about adding the perfect pool shed this year. If you’ve looked into it at all, you’ve no doubt noticed that pool sheds come in many different varieties. Size, shape, doors, windows, roof…so many things to consider. It’s great to have choices as you take into consideration the color of your home, the size of your pool, and how much room you have for the pool shed. So, what makes the perfect pool shed so…perfect?

Let’s look at five things that make for the perfect pool shed:

  1. It meets your storage needs. There’s a lot of stuff that comes with having a pool – pool equipment, pool toys, pool chemicals – and it needs to go somewhere instead of a corner of your house or yard. If you want to ensure everything stays in good condition both during and after pool season, you need a pool shed. The perfect tool shed will have enough room for you to store all of your pool gear while still having enough room to accommodate some of the other things we’re going to talk about. You can minimize your cost of maintaining a pool by making sure your equipment is well-cared for and well-stored.
  2. Your kids can use it, too. If your pool is the go-to spot for hangouts for your kids and their friends during the summer, you’re no stranger to the trail of wet footprints from your backdoor to the kitchen and/or bathroom. And there’s always the after-swim feeding frenzy that takes place with the kids. A pool shed with a changing room, bathroom, and snack area will be convenient for the kids and it’ll keep your home safe from a horde of hyper, soaked teens.
  3. You can use it for entertaining. If your pool is the place for family cookouts or parties, a pool shed can transform your pool area into an oasis for entertaining. It’s a shady, cool area for those who aren’t in the pool to congregate, and it can be a haven for the unexpected rain shower. You can even add a fire pit to make it the ideal hangout for those cooler months when the pool is closed. A pool shed can take your entertaining to the next level.
  4. It adds to your home’s resale value. Want to add value to your property? It’s almost guaranteed if you have additional outdoor storage and living area to offer a prospective buyer. The extra storage space comes in very handy if you don’t have a garage or much attic storage space. Many home buyers want to have a garage, but the next best thing they’ll be looking for is some extra storage space to compensate.
  5. It serves as an escape from chaos. The perfect pool shed can combine a Man Cave and a She Shed into the ideal place where mom or dad can escape to when things become a bit overwhelming in the house. Your pool shed should be large enough to accommodate a couple of chairs or a couch, a flat-screen television, and a bar and/or fridge for your favorite beverages. After all, you want to enjoy your peace and quiet in comfort and style.

The perfect pool shed is the one that best meets your needs and makes hanging out at your pool the highlight of your family’s summer. Like building a home, finding the perfect pool shed takes time; so start well in advance of when you want to be using it.

Where can you find it? Countryside Barns has the experience and expertise to help you have the perfection you’re looking for. You spent a tidy sum hiring the right pool contractor to build your dream pool; now’s the time to maximize your investment and work with the most skilled manufacturer of pool sheds in Illinois. We’ll work with you to design something exceptional at a fair and competitive price.

We’re a family-owned business that would love to help your family enjoy your pool like never before. Contact us today and let’s talk about making your pool area an oasis that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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