How to Organize a Shed

January 5, 2021

Figuring out how to organize a shed takes some forethought. Although your storage shed is a crucial part of your organizational system, it’s probably not given all of the attention it deserves.

Take a moment and picture what your shed looks like right now. Can you walk from the front to the back without obstacles in your way? Storage sheds have a way of becoming quickly filled to the brim with clutter, and getting from front to back can be like navigating an obstacle course.

With an open, clean, and organized shed, you’re able to store items to easily find them when you need them. Here are some helpful tips and ideas to help you make the most of this often under-utilized space year-round.

Make space for a pegboard organizer. Pegboard is one of the best materials you’ll find to organize your shed, and with the right hooks and attachments, you can transform a wall into whatever type of storage space you need. It will also free up floor space for you.

Add open shelving. Because you’re left with limited space in a storage shed, it’s important to make the most out of every inch. By modifying your walls with shelves, you can use more space to free up your floor and make your shed appear more spacious than it actually is. After shed delivery, it’s usually one of the first things that shed owners install.

Construct a rake and gardening organizer. Yard tools like shovels, rakes, hoes, and pitchforks are hard to organize, which is why they often end up in a massive pile on the floor. Utilizing your shed wall space with an organizer you hang your lawn and gardening tools on will help keep them out of the way so you can use floor space for other items, like a hand or rider mower. Consider hanging your organizer on the outside of the shed; along with the back of doors, it’s the most underrated storage section of a shed.

pallet organizer

Re-use a pallet as a multi-purpose organizer. Pallets are a very versatile accessory. They’re often made into tables, used for wine storage, or used as frames. If you’re looking for simple yet effective storage for your tools, a pallet and some nails will do the trick. And the good news: pallets are easy to find and are often free of charge.

Hang hose and cord organizers. If you’re planning how to organize a shed, the last thing you need is a headache from all of those tangled up hoses and cords that are taking up space on the floor. Using hooks, PVC pipe or shelving units will help you to stay significantly more organized.

Opt for wire shelving. Wire shelves let the light through, which makes it easier to find items in spaces where you might not have a lot of light. Wire shelving also stands up to water and humidity better than wooden shelves, and you’re going to have moisture if your shed is located outside.

storage drawers

Use storage drawers. Drawers are a great way to organize all of the tools and supplies that aren’t organized and are laying around your shed.

Have a lockable storage area. If you store any pool chemicals, pesticides, cleaners, or other hazardous materials, keep them up and away from kids and pets in a wall cabinet or similar lockable storage area.

At Countryside Barns, our team of professionals will not only help you select the perfect shed to meet your needs, but we’ll also be happy to talk with you about getting your shed organized so you get the most benefit from it. Contact us today with any questions you have about storage sheds; it’s our pleasure to help.





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