Preparing For Shed Delivery

December 1, 2020

Having your new shed delivered and in-place means that some thoughtful planning needs to go into preparing for shed delivery. When the big day comes, you’ll want to be ready to have your shed set up in the perfect location and be ready to use.

Tips for Shed Delivery

Let’s look at some helpful tips that assist you with preparing for shed delivery in order for it to go as smoothly as you’d like.

  • Check local regulations and ordinances.

It’s important to check your local city and county ordinances, as well as homeowners association regulations regarding storage buildings. Make sure you have any necessary permits. The last thing you want to do is get your shed in place and stocked up and find out you’re not in compliance with regs or ordinances.

  • Select the location for your shed.

It’s very important that your site is level. Avoid areas that are very wet or suffer from poor drainage. If you have an in-ground sprinkler system, move or divert the heads to keep water from being sprayed directly on your shed.

  • Have your foundation ready.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but if you’ve created a gravel pad or poured a concrete foundation, you’ll want to be sure it’s set before you place your shed on top of it. This means not waiting until the last minute before you pour your concrete or level out the gravel. If you’re using a wooden shed floor on a gravel base, be sure the gravel base is as level as possible and ready to go.

Here’s a great video that will help you learn how to install a gravel shed foundation.

  • Check the delivery path carefully.

Before your shed arrives, you’ll want to have spent time walking the area and looking for:

  • Overhanging trees/tree limbs
  • Ditches
  • Fences
  • Overhead wires/power lines
  • Overhanging eaves

It’s your responsibility to remove any obstacles before your shed can be delivered. Be sure to have this done well in advance of the arrival of your delivery team.

Keep in mind that our all-terrain forklift machine (called the Mule) will be transporting your shed to its permanent location. Make sure the pathway is clear and that there’s ample clearance on each side and above where the Mule will be driving. If you have tree limbs in the path, be sure to trim those back before your shed arrives.

  • Be there.

You’ll want to be sure and clear your calendar the day your shed is being delivered. Your delivery team will want to double-check with you to make sure they’re placing your shed exactly where you want it to go. They’ll also want to make sure that everything is level and lined up correctly, including all of the windows and doors. A final check will be completed with you to ensure that the setup and delivery have been finished to your complete satisfaction.


Beige with Clay and White Paint & Estate Gray Shingles

Countryside Barn’s team of professionals will not only help you select the perfect shed to meet your needs, but we’ll also consult with you about everything you need with preparing for shed delivery. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have; we’re always happy to help.

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