7 Ways You Can Use a Prefab Wood Building

January 31, 2020

Relatively cheap, easy to construct, and incredibly customizable, prefab wood buildings and other forms of module construction are trending for all the right reasons. Additionally, they’re known to be relatively environmentally friendly versus more traditional construction methods, as well as a great return on investment.

There are a myriad of reasons that prefab wood buildings are becoming so popular. However, for most folks, it comes down to the fact that they can take a prefab wood building and create something beautiful and functional.

These buildings fulfill so many different functions for homeowners from simple sheds to garages and offices. The reality is that prefab wood buildings are a type of modular building process, which means you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to what you can use them for.

“We’ve found it helpful to think about modular as a construction process rather than a specific type of building,” Modular Building Institute Executive Director Tom Hardiman said. “It describes how the building was constructed, not what the building is”.

Here are seven ideas to get you thinking about how you can use prefab wood buildings:

#1: Construct a Cabin

prefab wood building

One fantastic example of putting a prefab wood building to good use is for a hunting cabin. The days of needing to chop down your own trees, cure the wood, and then start building your hunting cabin out in the woods are long gone.

The ease of construction for prefab wood buildings makes them ideal for places that are remote and difficult to reach. If a little floatplane, boat, or truck can get there it will be easy to get the supplies you need to quickly erect your hunting cabin.

Though your hunting cabin might be a prefab wood building, you can customize it to meet your needs and desired comfort level. It’s easy to add a loft for extra sleeping room, insulate the floors and walls, and even hook it up to a generator.

#2: Create a She Shed

She sheds are the most recent trend utilizing prefab wood buildings. These buildings are a response to the traditional man cave. A she shed is a place for a woman to escape the daily grind of the house without fleeing the property. 

Once you have the basic structure of your prefab wood building in place it just comes down to creating an aesthetic and layout that comforts and nourishes you. 

Pinterest and the rest of the online world are neck-high in creative ideas for how to make your she shed truly special. 

The key is to not rush the process. Let yourself dream big. Enjoy everything from the idea of putting flower boxes on the windows to contemplating how you’ll decorate the interior of your she shed.

#3: Build A Place of Business

prefab wood building

If you have a modest plan for a side hustle or are looking for somewhere to start selling your art, a prefab wood building could be the right step toward getting your business off the ground.

Because of the low cost of construction, a prefab wood building isn’t going to put you so far into debt that your business doesn’t have a chance at turning a profit, be it a snack shack near a park or a roadside vegetable stall.

Despite working off a template, the flexibility you’ll have with the design will allow you to create a building that fits your unique business needs.

#4: Develop A Functional Shed

prefab wood building

While a she shed is the most recently trending use for a prefab wood building, the reality is that these buildings also make good, old-fashioned sheds. 

Not everything in life needs to be fancy. Sometimes you simply need extra storage space for your lawn care tools. 

Though a shed won’t directly add value to your home, it will have very little impact on your property taxes and will still increase your property’s marketability when it’s time to sell.

#5: Get A Garage

A prefab wood building doesn’t have to be small. Though most folks immediately start thinking of sheds, cabins, and other small spaces, the reality is that this modular system of construction can create much bigger buildings.

A prefab wood building is one of the most economically viable solutions if your home doesn’t already have a garage. You can make it big enough for one, two, or even three cars, depending on your needs.

#6: Putting up a Granny Flat

With many communities looking to increase population density and housing affordability, there has been a loosening of regulations around so-called granny flats. These are often defined as secondary, self-contained living areas on a property.

The idea is that they provide a place for grandparents to live as an alternative to a retirement home. However, the reality is that these small buildings are often rented out to help reduce the costs for homeowners. In some cases, a homeowner will choose to live in the granny flat while renting the main house out long-term or putting it up on Airbnb.

No matter what your goal is with a granny flat, looking at using a prefab wooden structure for it could be the right solution for you.

#7: Just Get Creative

prefab wood building

Prefab wooden buildings make it easy and convenient to develop all kinds of ideas. 

You can get really creative with your shed. There are folks who have turned these modular buildings into floating fishing cabins and treehouses for their children.

Final Thoughts: 7 Ways You Can Use a Prefab Wood Building

In so many ways, a prefab wood building is like a blank canvas—it has structure and is just waiting for you to push it toward a specific purpose. You can turn it into something as straightforward and utilitarian as a shed or a garage, or you could turn it into a soul-healing space like a she shed.

No matter what you end up doing, a prefab wood building is going to be one of the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-construct solutions available.

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